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Integrated Operational Programme

A verified official document obtained quickly in the comfort of your own home, communication with authorities without the need to send a single letter, comfortable retrieval of electronic documents from any archive, and also a friendlier environment for police offices or security services centralized to a single point equipped with state of-the-art technology… Measures and changes, defined by the Strategy of Efficient Public Administration and Friendly Public services – SA Strategy at the system level helps to implement specific projects supported by funds from the Integrated Operational Programme (IOP).

The aim of this project is, among other things, the modernization of the public administration system and enhancement of the quality of public services that have a practical effect on the whole society. The series of projects that have already been implemented belong to the most visible and effective projects with the greatest impact on the public. In addition to the network of Czech POINT contact centres, it also includes, for example, the Basic Registers – the backbone of the entire eGovernment system in the Czech Republic as well as of all the related projects concerning electronic-based public administration. These hierarchically and topically arranged “giant databases” will reduce the complexity of all administration processes carried out by state administration and local authorities, eliminating duplicate activities and mainly the need for citizens and companies to repeat the same actions, including the completion of forms. 

The Basic Registers Projects form a foundation for other projects that substantially enhance the quality of life for the citizens of the Czech Republic. Other projects, such as the National Digital Archive, Data Boxes or the National Infrastructure for Electronic Public Procurement, are a prerequisite for transparent and advanced environment, attractive also to foreign investors.

Projects supported by the IOP pave the way for a massive spread in information technologies as well as a transformation of life styles which are increasingly hectic. It makes for a public service which is more operational and, moreover, easier. Thanks to the implemented projects, public services in the Czech Republic will become more modern and client-friendly. In other words, public services will fully meet the challenges and expectations of the 21st century.

What is changing thanks to the projects supported by funds from the Integrated Operational Programme?
  • Obtaining of official documents at a single point and from the comfort of home
  • Secure and fast data sharing between citizens and authorities and among authorities
  • Easy and comfortable obtaining documents from archives thanks to digitizing
  • Lower risk of corruption thanks to electronic public procurement


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