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Human Resources and Employment Operational Programme

Education of public servants, more efficient management of human resources, digitization of procedures, project and strategic management or process optimization. These are only a few of the areas in which our projects have been implemented thanks to the support of the Human Resources and Employment Operational Programme (HRE OP). The areas of support already indicate a common objective: to enhance the capacity and effectiveness of public administration and public services.

The selected and supported projects are implemented by state administration and self-government authorities, or organizations cooperating with the public sector. The common denominator for these projects is the resulting increased efficiency, transparency, accessibility and openness of authorities and other providers of public services. In many cases, HRE OP has enabled a substantial modernization of the state administration and self-government authorities, an implementation of modern management tools or the establishment of a system for the continuous improvement in the qualifications of public servants or representatives of the municipalities.

The above-described (and achieved) objectives lead not only to the increased participation of Czech citizens in public life but they also improve the competitiveness of the Czech Republic. The projects also come within the scope of the Smart Administration strategy and follow the basic principles of eGovernment.
Due to great pressure to reduce public budgets, support from a large number of projects from the HRE OP will bring substantial savings of funds. Not only do they make many of the public administration processes more efficient, but they also introduce modern methods of human resources management, increasing performance at the same or at even reduced costs. These improvements are associated with the implementation of management and quality assurance principles that are also applied in the private sector.
Thanks to the abundant use of modern technology, the Czech Republic has also initiated a process which will ensure that communication with state administration and self-government authorities, including judicial institutions, will no longer be unpleasant and time-consuming for either citizens or companies. Public servants become educated, helpful and motivated managers – regardless of their administration level, including ministries, courts or offices in municipalities of up to 1000 citizens.
What is changing thanks to the projects supported by funds from the Human Resources and Employment Operational Programme?
  • More professional and educated officials
  • More efficient HR management
  • Strengthening of modern management methods
  • Optimization of public administration processes
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