Operational Programmes

Integrated Operational Programme

A verified official document obtained quickly in the comfort of your own home, communication with authorities without the need to send a single letter, comfortable retrieval of electronic documents from any archive, and also a friendlier environment for police offices or security services centralized to a single point equipped with state of-the-art technology… Measures and changes, defined by the Strategy of Efficient Public Administration and Friendly Public services – SA Strategy at the system level helps to implement specific projects supported by funds from the Integrated Operational Programme (IOP).


Human Resources and Employment Operational Programme

Education of public servants, more efficient management of human resources, digitization of procedures, project and strategic management or process optimization. These are only a few of the areas in which our projects have been implemented thanks to the support of the Human Resources and Employment Operational Programme (HRE OP). The areas of support already indicate a common objective: to enhance the capacity and effectiveness of public administration and public services.