Overview of the OP
Priority Axes
Intervention Areas
Calls under the auspices of the Ministry of the Interior - IOP
Call 01Safety, Prevention and Risk Management Services
Call 02eGovernment in Municipalities – Czech POINT
Call 03Development of Information Society in Public Administration
Call 05Contact and Coordination Centres
Call 06Development of eGovernment Services in Municipalities
Call 07Computerization of Public Administration Services
Call 08Development of eGovernment Services in Regions
Call 09Providing Data and Information Transfers in Local Public Administration
Call 10Computerization of Public Administration Services - Digitization
Call 11Unified Level of Operational Management Information Systems and Modernization of Emergency Call Handling Technologies of the Basic Bodies of the Intergrated Rescue System
Call 12Localization and Recordning Devices
Call 13Equipment to Enhance Agility and Quality of Emergency Management
Call 14Connecting Nonediting Agenda Information Systems to the Basic Registers Information System
Call 15Electronic Legal Code and International Treatis (e-Code) and Electronic Lawmaking (e-Legislation)
Call 16Strategic Smart Administration Projects
Call 17e-Government Projects