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Smart Administration Strategy
The target of the Strategy of Efficient Public Administration and Friendly Public Services – SA Strategy is to ensure a coordinated and efficient improvement of public administration and public services supported by Structural Funds in the programming period 2007 - 2013.
Hundreds of thousands of law articles, up to seventy amendments to acts, various overlapping competences of authorities and hexagon_En.jpgthe multiplication of their work load and high costs – all of this causes dissatisfaction on the part of citizens and entrepreneurs. This unsustainable situation, impeding civil activities as well as economic development, will soon change. Measures and mechanisms have been put into practice which newly define the public administration in the Czech Republic as a service for citizens which meets the principles of good governance, and functions purposefully, economically and efficiently. Dozens and hundreds of individual steps are summarized in the Strategy of Efficient Public Administration and Friendly Public Services – SA Strategy adopted by the Government of the Czech Republic in 2007 (Government Resolution No. 757 of 11 July 2007).
The strategy, gradually fulfilled till 2015, relies on several key strategic and specific goals that define individual measures in further detail. Even the SA Strategy is proof of the modern and efficient management, analysing administration processes and setting up a much more efficient system. This system is based on strategic planning and management, including continuous control. An important aspect is the connection to everyday practice including, for example, links to budgets.
This will guarantee that domestic as well as foreign investors and entrepreneurs receive high-quality and quick services rendered by public authorities which will have well-organized structure and competences. The elimination of redundant regulations that come in the form of an excessive number of acts and decrees will also be useful. This group of clients, as well as the majority of citizens, will appreciate the introduction of a modern communication and information technology as it helps to reduce the administration load and save time.
The SA Strategy identifies exactly the weaknesses in the operations of many public administration and local authorities and offers specific solutions. It draws on human resources in public administration which have immense potential. The strategy thus creates suitable conditions for its use and for continuous work with public servants: starting with the system of motivation and life-long learning and ending with unchangeable and transparent definitions of competences and communication between individual authorities. This includes flexible information sharing and exchange which will greatly facilitate the work tasks of individual employees.
All of the above-specified measures will make public service not only more efficient and consequently cheaper but also more transparent and less prone to corruption. Thanks to its links to eGovernment and Smart Administration, the service becomes easier to use and, moreover, more accessible from any point (for example, the dense network of public administration contact points Czech POINT) without redundant time load.
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